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Most people don’t think about their electrical switchboard. But in some cases, it’s not only recommended to upgrade your switchboard but essential that you do so. If your switchboard contains asbestos or contains ceramic fuses, then your safety may be at risk.


Here at Total Air & Electrical, we’re the leading experts in switchboard upgrades Perth. To upgrade your switchboard to the Australian standard, simply give us a call at 1300 615 513. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to safely remove your old switchboard and install a new, RCD-protected switchboard today. 


Your Electrical Switchboard: Your Home’s Power Station


You might walk past your electrical switchboard a dozen times a day without thinking about it, but it performs an essential role in your home’s functionality. This is the device that distributes electricity around your house, ensuring that you can safely use all of your electrical appliances. Modern electrical switchboards feature advanced safety features that help to prevent injuries, power outages, and other issues. 


When to Upgrade Your Electrical Switchboard


There are many reasons why you may need or want to upgrade your electrical switchboard. For instance, in some cases having an updated switchboard is essential for insurance purposes; there have been instances of fire-related claims being denied because an old switchboard was installed.


It’s important to know not only why to upgrade your switchboard, but when. It’s generally a good idea to think about upgrading your electrical switchboard if it’s clearly old and out of date. In that scenario, it’s best to schedule an appointment to upgrade your electrical switchboard.


If your switchboard contains porcelain fuses or asbestos, then it’s best to make an appointment today. Those types of switchboards present unique, direct threats. Asbestos has been shown to be extremely hazardous to people’s health, while porcelain fuses increase the risk of power outages and electrical fires.


Upgrade Your Switchboard, Upgrade Your Home 


There’s more to your home than interior decoration. It’s essential that your home’s underlying mechanisms are in full working condition. At Total Air & Electrical, our services include upgrading your electrical switchboard to be in line with current Australian standards, which ensures that all circuits are RCD protected. 


Why Choose Total Air & Electrical?


When it comes to your home’s infrastructure, only the best will do. At Total Air & Electrical, we’re experts at all things electrical. From installing RCD protection to inspecting the quality of an electrical installation and much more, we have the expertise you need to ensure that your home’s electrical switchboard and the overall system are in tip-top condition. 


Book Your Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Today


If you know you need — or suspect you need — to upgrade your electrical switchboard, then get in touch with us here at Total Air & Electrical. Our expert team can ensure that your electrical system is fully safe and can provide an electrical safety certificate for peace of mind. To make an appointment, simply call 1300 615 513 or click the ‘Get a Quote’ button at the top of this page to get a free quote.