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Fixed Price Smoke Alarm Installation Perth

Smoke Alarm Installation Perth.

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Smoke alarms are at the forefront of electronic safety devices for protecting your home and contents from fire damage. If you need smoke alarm installation Perth, call Total electrical Perth. It is a legal requirement for smoke alarms to be fitted if you are selling or renting out your property.

There are various smoke alarms available on the market, and Total Electrical can help you choose the right one to protect you and your property. We can also assist you in selecting appropriate locations for smoke alarms to be positioned, as this can be critical for early detection of smoke and fires. We provide smoke alarm installation Perth all completed by fully qualified professional electricians, keeping safety at the forefront of all our electrical work.

We can supply and install a range of smoke alarms / smoke detectors, including photoelectric smoke alarms which are designed to “see” the smoke before the flames arrive. Total Electrical can also provide ionisation smoke alarms which are designed to detect smoke from the flames of a fire, and raise an alarm.

The Government of Australia recommend the use of photoelectric smoke alarms, but feel free to talk to us to discuss the best option for you.

Call Total Air & Electrical for fixed price smoke alarm installations Perth.


We recommend replacing your smoke alarm battery every 12 month. If your smoke alarm is beeping then this is telling you that the battery requires replacement. Most smoke alarms take a standard 9V battery you can pick up at any retailer. 

If you are renting out your property or selling, it is a requirement that your smoke alarms are within a 10 year date period. Most smoke alarms have the date  stamped on the inside. We do not recommend touching anything connected to live power. Your smoke alarms are connected to 240V power supply. We recommend calling Total to have your smoke alarms tested.